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Ways To Improve Livestock Farming In Nigeria

  Obyke Nonny       Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Most of us already know the situation of  Nigeria based on Agriculture. Today am going to discuss on the ways to improve livestock farming in Nigeria. So endeavor to read this post to the end

In other to meet with the country’s demand of livestock animal's protein, the livestock population of about 20million cattle, 21 million sheep and 30 million goats in the nation,  should be improved appropriately through investing in this sector massively. Below are the very possible ways to improve livestock farming in Nigeria.

Ways To Improve Livestock  Farming In Nigeria

1. Empowerment and Enlightenment Programmes:

You know most people like young prospects entrepreneurs are determined to enter into livestock farming sector but they lack knowledge, education, innovation and technical know how that will help them for improving their livestock's productivity.

Here is the reason why these empowerment or enlightenment programmes should be created and also funded by the government or some private organisations that look forward to the future of Nigeria Agriculture, because lack of knowledge and technical know how will definitely lead to a massive loss of income and capital.

Serious attention should be paid to the Fulani herds men and other rural livestock farmers, for their lack of education and thus empower them to achieve greater heights in this sector of farming.

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2. Government Support:

There is need for the government to give its support to the farmers consistently and whenever necessary, because this will boost the faster development of livestock farming in Nigeria. Government should provide good infrastructures in various places in other to aid the growth of the livestock farming sector.

Infrastructures like good roads, water supply, power (electricity), good rail system and so on will at least improve the current level of productivity.

3. Adoption of modern Livestock farming methods:

Government should put effort in the persuasion of the rural livestock farmers and also the fulani herds men, to at least adopt the modern technologies and innovations. This I strongly believe will boost their productivity too.

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Because as you can see that the long term reliance on the old or traditional farming methods have been the setback to the farmers meeting the demand for livestock animal protein. So therefore, livestock farmers needs to be encouraged to take part in biotechnology techniques so as to improve the breed of their cattle by artificial insemination and so increase productivity.

4. Settling the nomads:
One of the best solutions of improving cattle farming in Nigeria is for the government to settle the nomads. Since it is the tradition of the Fulani nomads to rear cattle, they also holds and control more than 90% of the cattle population in this Nigeria.

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This does not give any other individual the chance to take part in this livestock farming. So efforts should be made by the government to settle them so as to give other people the opportunity. With this, the cattle will be easily accessible to the veterinarians and livestock scientists.

This will force the nomads to part in the modern agricultural practices and thus expose them to its new technologies too. If this can be achieved, there is no doubt that there will be improvement in milk and meat production in Nigeria.

5. Provision of Livestock Feeds and Nutrition:

If there is good investment into the livestock feed and nutrition production by the government and interested based Co-operations in Nigeria, then there will be improvement in livestock farming sector.

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Due to low and poor quality feed produced around hidden sectors, it has crippled and damaged the development of livestock farming in the nation. For example, because of lack of raw materials and green pastures in certain places, some feed producers will reduced the values in production in other to make a lot of profits and thus produce less than the minimum of 6% protein needed in the feed.

This low protein content can not meet the nutritional demands of animals, and as such, there is not enough weight gain by the livestock animals.

Livestock animals that feed on these loe quality content will provide us with low quality and quantity of meat and milk. So for the improvement to take place in livestock farming in this country, there is need for proper attention to be paid here. And also, the cost of feed should be reduced so as for the farmers to afford them.

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6. Provision of Livestock Health Care Plan:

In everything concerning live, it has to go with quality and good health. So if need be for the improvement of livestock farming in Nigeria, adequate attention is needed in terms of their health.

The rural and Fulani livestock farmers should be educated on the importance of having a certified veterinary Doctor for his or her services whenever there is an outbreak of diseases.

I believe this will aid in reducing the spread of livestock diseases whenever there is an outbreak and also improve the health of the farm.

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7. Livestock research:

There should be Livestock research in other to improve livestock farming in Nigeria. Research programmes are being carried out by higher or tertiary institutions and the government research institutes needs to encourage these programmes in other to enable the improvement of their discoveries like, the technological methods and quality innovations that can boost livestock productivity.

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Livestock farmers should also be encouraged to carry out these biotechnological techniques developed by the research institutes all over the country so to improve the animal breeding by means of artificial insemination.

The government should endeavor to empower these Research institutes to find and contain livestock animal diseases without causing too much loss and damage.  And also help them with all the needed assistance in the production of vaccine to eradicate the diseases forever.

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8. Livestock credits:

Banks should provide credits to these entrepreneurs or livestock farmers. This can be done by the government enforcing this law. And by so doing, livestock farming productivity will be improved. Like we already know, Nigerian banks hardly gives out loans to individuals with great vision talk more of rural livestock farmer or even Fulani herders.

Efforts should be made in other to grant loans to the livestock farmers so as to help them increase productivity and also to assist them in getting all the needed equipments and facilities for maximum productivity.

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Financial institutions in this nation should also assist them in creating credits for these livestock farmers. This will definitely reduce unemployment rate in this country Nigeria and also make investors to enter into this livestock farming sector.

With all the information I have provided in this post,  I believe to have given you the possible ways to improve Livestock farming in Nigeria. Never forget to give us feedback with the comment box below. 

Thanks for reading Ways To Improve Livestock Farming In Nigeria

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