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Best Step To Start A Wealth Generating Snail Farm

  Obyke Nonny       Monday, September 16, 2019
Many people are looking forward to starting up a wealthy farming business but don't know which one to start up. Today, am going to share the best step to start a wealth generating snail farm at the comfort of your home. Make sure to read this entire blog post to fully understand every detailed information contained there of.

What is snail farming?
This is a kind of animal husbandry or livestock farming that involves the keeping, raising and breeding of snail for human consumption.

Snail farming is known as heliciculture and they belong to the animal group known as Phylum Mollusca because the are non vertebrate animals that is animals without backbones.

Best Step To Start A Wealth Generating Snail Farm
Achatina Fulica snail

Snails are hermaphrodites too because they possess both male and female reproductive system. Therefore, there is no need for mating as they can produce sperms and eggs at the same time.

Why is snail farming a wealth generating farming business? 
Snail farming is a great wealth generator and many farmers and newbies into the farming areas don't have ideas of. Snails are mainly believed as a culture in the sense they are picked from the bushes during the rainy seasons.

Villagers always go into the bushes hunting for snails especially during the rainy season because, that's the only period snail can be found easily accessible to man as culture and tradition has it.

But today, am here to tell you that, snail farming is a wealth generating business you can do at the comfort of your home and also dominate the market when the scarcity of snail is high and also due to the snail's high rate of breeding too.

For example, the giant African snails, lays between 200-400 eggs two to three (2-3) times a year. And It is likely the largest snail you may ever see. While Achatina Fulica lay up to 30-1000 eggs of average of 6 times a year. Good for business, right?

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Sails are market ready, due to increase in population, need for good health and maintenance of human livelihood, snails are rich in protein and free from cholesterol compared to most meat like pork, beef and even chicken.

So you can fully take part in this farming business because it pays and generates wealth in no time.
Steps to Adopt in other to start your wealth generating snail farming business.

Research on Snail Farming Business
Research is the number one basic thing any farmer is entitled to do before setting up any farming business.  Take your time to get all the information and knowledge required to embark on the journey of snail farming.

Don't make the mistake of following the herd rather be yourself and take up courses and classes on how to fully take care of this micro-livestock animals.

Snail Farm Location
The location of your snail farming is another aspect to put into consideration. Many people may not know or have any place to set up their snail farming business. Your backyard is enough for you to locate your farm, this applies for owners of houses.

For those that don't have a location you can meet someone who has a little land area whom you can bargain with. At any cost location of this farming business is never a problem because this micro-livestock animals can never cause damage or pollution unlike the pigs, poultry, goat and so on.

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Getting Your Snail Breed
There are three types of snail breed in africa namely: Achatina Achatina (giant african snail), Achatina Fulica and Archachatina Marginata.

It is best to get the breeds from a trusted farm with great history of good products.

Don't get your breeds by buying from the markets because most of the snails there have been subjected to stress and dehydration. So when induced into your farm, there is little to no improvement in the farm production and thus lose of capital too.

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Snail housing
There are two major types of housing system adopted in snail farming, they are intensive and extensive housing systems. The housing systems are called snail pens.

Any of the two systems is good but intensive housing systems are best because, it gives you the full control of your snail farming in terms of production and management etc.

This is the area that determines the success rate of your snail farming business. This area takes the 60% of your time but remember that management of snail farming is very easy. Snails are vegetarians so the get their food from vegetables.

There is no particular feed in the market that is prescribed for snails rather they can be given some other supplements just the way every other livestock is given in other to attain balanced diet.

  • Here are the list of food for snails: Leaves like pawpaw, cocoa yam, cabbage, okra etc. Fruits like mango, banana, plantain, pawpaw, eggplant, avocado pear, tomatoes, cucumber, orange, guava, pineapple, watermelon etc. Food Concentrate rich in calcium and finally water.
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Selling and marketing
Like i said earlier snail farming business is a market ready business to be adopted and generate money quickly. It takes 2-3 years for snails to be market ready so identify your fully matured snails by simply checking the brim of their shell, the matured ones are harder.

Make enquires of the current market value of the snail and know how much to sell yours. Approximately a fully grown snail cost about N50 and assuming you are selling 1,000 snails it is N50,000 depending on the quantity you are selling.

You can decide to supply to the restaurants, hotels and mama puts around hour areas too. Remember not to sell all your fully mature snails so as to still have ones for continuous production.

So you can see this is a wealth generating farm business which cost virtually no much expenses like the pig, poultry, goat and so on.

Don't  ever try any short cut in starting your own snail farming like most people may tell you to do. There is no shortcut to wealth,  it requires patience and determination. Take your time in the business and remember to always have your product ready when the product is out of season.

With all the information and knowledge I have provided here, I believe I was able to give you the best step to start a wealth generating snail farm at the comfort of your home. 

Thanks for reading Best Step To Start A Wealth Generating Snail Farm

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