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Best Guide On How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business

  Obyke Nonny       Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hello! You are highly welcome to Livestock Spot blog. Here we tutor and teach farmers and newbies every information and knowledge they require to start and manage their livestock farming business Online. I want to share with us the best guide on how to start a lucrative poultry farming business. I know most of us are looking for a quality information on this topic, so endeavor to read every steps am going to drop here patiently.

Before I proceed, I want to give you every information and knowledge I have on poultry farming by first explaining what poultry farming is all about and how to achieve success by specializing on this particular Livestock farming Business. The poultry farming business am going to discuss here is production of broilers breeding (for meat) and layers breeding (for egg) since this is where most farmers specialize on. So without wasting much time let us go down into what I want to share with you.

What is Poultry Farming?
Poultry farming is a type of animal husbandry that involves the process of raising, breeding and rearing domesticated birds (chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck etc.) for commercial and personal purpose.

Best Guide On How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business
An Intensive Poultry Farm

Poultry farming business is highly profitable and lucrative because of the high rate of consumption. Although farmers have increased to meet up with the demands of the population, yet the demand for poultry livestock is not being met. This is so because as each day comes, the population of human increases and thus making demand for food high which in turns makes farmers not to meet up with the demand.

Poultry product falls into the category of white meat unlike the beef, pork and goat which is a red meat. And so likely most individual are being prescribed white meat as a source of protein by Doctors for health benefits. This is so because, like for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetic patients, for them to manage, sustain their life despite the sickness they face and still enjoy eating meat.

Is Poultry Farming Lucrative?
Most people ask this question, whether poultry farming is lucrative. The answer is yes and it is very lucrative. Nowadays nobody wants the dirty or farming job, everyone wants a white collar job and to crown it all agriculture is currently the booming sector in all countries especially West Africa.

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This business does not require a high certificate, or qualification for you to participate in it rather all you need is ardent desire, hard work and knowledge which am sharing with you. Like I said earlier, the demand for white meat to red meat is high because of its health benefits.

It is market ready, some farmers don’t wait to market their products rather buyers come looking for them and seeking their assistance even before their product is even ready for the market because everybody loves white meat.

There is quick return of investment in this aspect of livestock farming. For instance, if you happen to invest in a day old chick, after forty-five (45) days you can have the profit of your investment back.
Capital used for investment is as well low compared to some other livestock farming business. Here, you can start up a complete poultry farm with the sum of N40,000 – N50,000 and 10 days old chicks and  in less than 2 to 3 month you will be selling fully grown chickens or eggs. So with these tips, you can start up your business with our best guide on how to start a lucrative poultry farming business.

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Step By Step Guide To Start a Lucrative Poultry Farming Business
I am going to walk you through all the steps and guidance you need in other to set up your own astonishing and wealth generating poultry farming business with these few outlines and tested tips of mine below;

Do a Perfect Research on This Farming Business:
Take your time and research everything on this business in other to learn the tricks of the business. Most individuals rush into this particular farming business without having knowledge of what the business is all about simply because they heard it from their friends or relatives. It is a very delicate business which should be taken seriously else you may not succeed.

After deciding on starting the business, it is best to start up a practical training course. This is because there is no amount of knowledge you can acquire that is enough unless there is a practical experience on that knowledge. A lot of different courses are offered on how to start and succeed in poultry farming.

Once you have that ardent desire to start this poultry business, it will motivate you to approach so many farmers and acquire technical know-how from them. Although most will likely not give out their knowledge free but nothing should pull you back.

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Decide and Invest on the Poultry Breeding Departments
Like I said earlier, that am writing basically on two types of breeding departments namely, broiler breeding and layer breeding of chickens. Here, you can decide to select either one of these departments to specialize on or both anyways the choice is yours. For a newbie, I will advise you to specialize on one department first and then gradually you can adopt into the other department.

Although some people have the capital to manage and invest into the two departments you have to consult an expert in this area if you don’t want to lose your capital. This is because you are still inexperienced in the farming business, so it is best to take it slowly in other to overcome any in contingencies like diseases and so on.

Farm Location
The farm location is another factor that determines the success rate of your farming business. Why did I say so? Poultry farms is best situated or located in the rural areas where the cost of land is quite affordable at a cheap price. But even though you put going to the rural settlement as a criteria, keep in mind that good transportation, water supply and nearness to the market should also be put into consideration.

It should also be easily accessible to you. For example; if it is a small scale farm, you can decide for the location to be in your area of residence although it may be prohibited by law. If it is a large scale farm, the location can be a little bit further from your residence but at least the poultry farm manager should be closer, in other to maintain the daily activities of the farm.

Housing Systems and Poultry Equipment
Building of a quality poultry pen is highly recommended and important for effective management and maintenance of the livestock. There are three types of poultry housing systems namely: intensive, semi-intensive and extensive systems. Let me throw more light on these three types of poultry housing system for better understanding.

Intensive Housing System: This is a type of housing technique adopted by mostly large scale farmers, Example Obasanjo’s poultry farm. This housing system confines the birds to a battery cages or houses that is well ventilated. It helps to fully have control over the production of everything inside the farm and as well ease of management is attributed to this type of housing system.

Semi-intensive Housing System: This is another type of housing technique whereby the birds are allowed to move about freely, in a secluded area where all their daily activities are done. The secluded area is designed with sawdust and must be changed periodically to avoid dirt and attraction of diseases to the birds.

Extensive Housing System: This is a housing system where by the birds freely roam or wander about and fend for themselves. This is majorly adopted by backyard farmers who have access to large plot of land for the birds to graze. It is highly not recommended for large scale farmers, because you won’t have control of the birds and you cannot achieve greater success in the business with this type of housing system.

When selecting the type of housing systems make sure it has all the necessary poultry farm equipment required for that particular housing system. This is because every system adopts a specific farm equipment, so endeavor to provide them. Common equipment used in poultry farming business are drinkers, feeders, heaters, cages, crates, incubators and so on.

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Buying of Poultry Breed or Hatchery
It is best to acquire birds of a good breed from trusted and reputable farms which have good history of service. Depending on the kind of breeds such as broilers for meat and cockerels or layers for egg, it is best you get those that maximizes profits and outcomes.

Best Guide On How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business
A Day Old Chicken Breed
It is important to know that the quality of a day old chicks acquired is the stepping stone of good or bad foundation of your poultry farming business. So before you buy a day old chick it is better to do a thorough research on the hatchery and breed in other to know the best to purchase, because doing this wrong marks the beginning of failure in this farming business.

Feeding the Chicks
This is the most important step of creating a very lucrative poultry farm. This area is what consumes almost 75% of your time, effort and money. For beginners you can start by buying already prepared feed from good and trusted sellers until you become conversant with the feed production that you can then formulate your own feed type.

Make sure the birds are getting good source of balanced diet from their feed because this determines the health and growth of your chicks. This area is the biggest section that most challenges farmers. So always consult other farmers as well to know their own tricks for their various success.

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Medications and Vaccination
After all said and done, another step to follow is calling a veterinary doctor to come and do vaccination in the farm. There are routines and medications in the poultry farms that ensures good health and well beings of the livestock. This helps to prevent viruses, pathogens and bacterial infections from destroying the lives of the chicks.

As a beginner you need to consult a vet for critical advice and health management of the birds. Then as you go further into the farming business you can then know other vaccines to generate. So folks, don’t follow what a friend did on his farm because what works for the other person may not work for you.

Some beginners use their hands to medicate and vaccinate their poultry farms and then it may or may not work. Which in turn may wipe out their entire farm and all investment gone. Never joke with health and management of your poultry farming business by simply not consulting the people that their profession solely specializes on that.

Marketing and Selling the Products
This is the final step towards establishing a lucrative and wealth generating poultry farming business. Like I said earlier that the poultry business is market ready but that doesn’t mean you will wait all along in your farm for buyers. Try as much as possible to consult buyers and know the worth and value of your product in the current market so as to know how you will sell your own products.

Meet retailers collect their names and addresses and inform them of you farm even before it is ready to be marketed. Let me give you simple trick as a beginner, here in Nigeria, people love discount a lot and you can decide to start by giving off so in return you create your brand.

So my friends and readers with all these steps I have listed and explained in this blog post I believe I have been able to give you all the required information and knowledge on the best guide on how to start a lucrative poultry farming business. Never forget to use the comments below to give us some feedback.


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