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Firstly I would like to describe and explain what livestock farming is all about. Livestock farming is simply defined as the process by which a farmer gradually produces or breeds and raises animals for consumption, as source of income etc. Examples of livestock animals includes goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, sheep etc.

About LivestockSpot Blog
Livestock animals are very good, mainly as sources of protein for man. Because of this, livestock animals are needed in everyday life. With the increasing population, we all know that the demand for livestock animals is very high.

Although there is a little increase of livestock farmers, they can't amount to meet with the demand of the population. This is mostly caused by lack of knowledge on how to keep and maintain these livestock animals, and so, many farmers have quit also because of lack of fund and some bad experiences that they have incurred within them. While some are still planning to give up because of the challenges, lack of information, management and lack of funds.

So I asked myself some questions and decided that these problems can be solved if the livestock farmers are being assisted.

LivestockSpot Blog is an online website where livestock farmers and those who are interested in raising animals, can acquire advanced knowledge on how to do so.

This is a blog where livestock farmers are equipped with the necessary information on livestock farming, livestock feed, management of health, housing  and marketing. On LivestockSpot Blog, you will learn to optimize your production for a greater output.

LivestockSpot covers everything you need to know on these specific livestock farming (fish farming, poultry farming, pig farming, rabbit farming, grasscutter farming, snail farming, health and nutrition) and likewise all the information in this blog is free.

So LivestockSpot Blog is a platform for both the newbie and old livestock farmers in other to gain and acquire competent information and knowledge to run a livestock farming business.

I am a great and experienced writer and farmer who has aspired and acquired knowledge and willing to share to the world for free. My name is Obike Chukwunonso, founder and Lead author of LivestockSpot Blog. I have written most articles on this blog and still, I will give my best to LivestockSpot visitors and readers. Read more about me

Nevertheless, LivestockSpot look forward to becoming the Number 1 blog in the world for sharing livestock farming knowledge.