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Best Guide On How To Start A Perfect Pig Farm

  Obyke Nonny       Monday, September 9, 2019
Hello! Readers, welcome to livestock Spot a blog that teaches you everything on livestock farming. I want to share with us the best guide on how to start a perfect pig farm. I know most of us are seeking the knowledge and information on starting a pig farm, so patiently read every step am going to share with you on this post.

Before I go any further, I want to explain everything thing I know about pig farming and ways you can achieve success by taking this livestock as your specialized farming product. Not to talk more, most of us don't know that pig is an omnivorous animal.

What is Pig Farming?
Pig farming is a type of animal husbandry that involves the process of raising, breeding and domesticating pigs. This serves for the production of food like pork, bacon, gammon etc. and skin to man.

Pigs playing on a  perfect pig farm
Pigs playing in their pen

Pig farming is very lucrative because of the large demand of the product. And because of the large demand for this product, farmers don't still meet up the demands of the market although there is an increase of pig farmers. So with this you can start up your own pig farm with the best guide on how to start a perfect pig farm anywhere and join the pig farmers to make money.

Acquire A Farmland

Farmland is the number one thing to have if you want to start a pig farm. If you are new into farming, a small plot of land like one plot is enough to start with, then as time goes on you can acquire more land space. For large scale pig farming, a large farmland is required because it will enable the pigs to move about freely, play around and retire back to their pens. If you can get farmland, you are on the road to success in the pig farming business.

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My best advise is to get a farmland in a rural area at a low cost. Here in Nigeria, an acre of land is roughly about N200,000 - N300,000. You can do a perfect research on where and how you can acquire a farmland which can in thus favor your product and improve marketability. Like some farmers don't need to go about to looking for how they can distribute their products instead butchers come looking for them.

So Acquiring a farmland favors the growth and development of your pig farm because it enables the pigs to have a secured area where they can stay, move about, play and thus exercises their muscular bodies.


Another thing to consider when starting a perfect pig farm is the housing. The place where pigs lives or stays is called a pen. There is two types of pens, they are intensive and extensive pens. The intensive pen is a type of housing for pigs in which the freedom of movement is limited. They are being kept in a confined area where they feed, defecate and do all their daily activities.

The extensive Pens are mainly adopted by large scale farmers whereby the pigs move about and goes back to the pens for shelter. The pens must be well spacious in other to give the pigs the freedom they deserve and also should have a proper drainage system as well.

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The pens should be properly taken good care of in order to prevent the pigs from becoming dirty and also from contracting diseases. I advice the extensive pens because it gives the pigs areas where they can play, swim in pools and live a healthier life style.

Selection of Breeds

Getting a good and healthy breeds of pigs to start your pig farm is highly compulsory. This is to enable you to manage and take good care of the pigs effective. Also make sure the Pigs have a very good vaccine so go for breeds that have a good history or better still purchase from other top pig farmers.

Best breeds of pig sleeping on a pig farm
Good breed of piglets sleeping

Buy as much as you can afford but it is quite advisable to buy a small quantity of piglets like 5-10 and then improve them gradually and slowly. This will enable you to get more knowledge on the pigs and even if there exist any risk, the damage will be minimal.

There is a need for the services of a veterinary doctor for your pig farming to be a success. So endeavor to get help from the vet on the vaccination, feeding and nutrition. Like I said earlier pigs are omnivores that is they eat what humans eat.

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Employment of Workers

This mainly applies for Large scale farmers who cannot manage every aspect and sector of the pig farming, you can employ as many workers as you want depending on the services you require from them. But as a small scale farmer, you can do most of the work by your self or you may employ 1-2 workers who can assist you in the farming process, the choice depends on you.

Quality Feeding

Feeding is an essential factor for the massive success rate of every pig farming business. As pigs are omnivores just like human beings, they eat what we eat and as such requires quality feeding which is balanced diet in other for greater output in their body mass. They need food that is rich in protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals to grow properly and resist diseases. Feeding is the major aim for pig farming so as to make them market ready and this part takes most of your spending in the farm.

Another important thing here is constant water supply. Like every other animal, pigs needs water in their daily life, so fresh clean drinking water is a most for them. The use of quality drink troughs are recommended for easier cleaning or automatic tap press drinkers. This tap press drinkers are built in  such a way that the pigs puts their mouth there and water flows out.

Hope with all the points I have arranged in this post, I have given you all the best guide on how to start a perfect pig farm by yourself without much stress. So put up everything I have said in this post together and start your pig Farm because this business is highly lucrative and profitable. Never forget to give us feedback with the comment section below.


Thanks for reading Best Guide On How To Start A Perfect Pig Farm

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