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How To Start A Lucrative Fish Farming Business

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Am giving a free online tutorial, information and knowledge on how to start a lucrative fish farming business at the comfort of your home or any place of your choice. Endeavor to read every step am going to share on this particular post about fish farming business.

First I will start by giving all the detailed information I have on Fish farming by explaining what it means and how it is a lucrative farming business to embark on. Without wasting much time let’s go down to the topic of today.

What is Fish farming?
Fish farming is a type of animal husbandry which involves the keeping, raising and breeding of fingerlings to a fully mature Fish mainly for consumption. 

How to start a catfish farming business
Catfish  farming business 

There are several species of Fish but the one am going to share on this online tutorial today is Cat Fish. This is because, this type of fish can be reared at the comfort of your home and as well the management process is easy and affordable.

Is Fish Farming Lucrative?
So many people ask this question, whether fish farming is lucrative. The answer is yes and of course it is highly lucrative and generates money consistently. Why did I say so? With the increasing population in the world, the demand for fish consumption is relatively very high.

Although there is increase of farmers in this area of farming business, they are not yet able to meet the demands of the population. You can take part in this farming business and try to meet the demands of the population.

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Guides and steps to start your own lucrative Fish farming business

These guides are the very best, of which when strictly followed will guarantee you success in this category of farming business. Why did I say so? Let me tell you a short story, when I was a boy, we had a livestock farm which comprises of many livestock and fish section was mine to take care of.

My father made sure that everybody in our family had something doing in the livestock farm. So my work was to feed the fish and change the water, which made me grow into having most knowledge on livestock farming although we practiced small scale farming then. 

With that little knowledge I had as a boy then, helped me when I needed to practice livestock farming in a large scale.

Research on the farming business
When I mean research, thorough research because only our online guide will never be enough to carry you through this process? Meet successful fish farmers and make enquiries on the do’s and don’ts of the farming business. 

There is nothing like desire to be successful in something you want to do. So endeavor to meet various people and have practical knowledge of this aspect of livestock farming business.

Take your time and don’t rush into the business because you saw someone making huge money from it. Remember most people have started this business but couldn’t finish what they started because they didn’t research well, so don’t be like them.

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Farm Location
The location of your farm is another thing to decide on. For a newbie or small scale farmer, you don’t even need up to 1 plot of land for a start, half plot is enough. For large scale farmers, rural areas will be the best to locate the farm because acquiring a land portion there is quite cheaper than the urban areas.

But you have to put certain factors like good transportation, water supply, ease of accessibility and nearness to the market into consideration. These factors I have listed here will definitely determine the success rate of your fish farming business.

House Structure
The housing systems artificially created for fish farming is called fish ponds. There are three types of fish ponds adopted in fish farming business, they are earth, concrete and plastic basin ponds. Let me throw more light on these three types of fish ponds.

  • ·   Earth Pond: This is a type of fish pond where by the structure is being dog or made on the ground (earth). Here the size of the pond is measured on the ground and dog down to the desired depth of choice before filling with water.

  • ·   Concrete Pond: This is another type of housing system for fish where by blocks and cement are used to design and build a square or four corner pond. The structure is erected on top of the ground unlike the other one above.

  •      Plastic Basin Pond: This is a modern based fish pond where by large plastic or rubber basin are being made specifically for the purpose of fish housing. This type of pond are usually done indoors and easily managed unlike the other two above. It is also favorable to a small scale farmer because, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Treatment of water
After the selection of the type of pond to use on your farm, another thing to do is making sure you have a source of water. For fish farming, it is required that the water be treated before putting your fish in there.

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Why is this so? Because fingerlings are delicate and should be handled with care to avoid lose in the farming business.

Water treatment will help you achieve a quality and balanced fish pond. This is done in other to break down excess nutrients, eliminate fish waste, kill germs, bacteria and remove debris from the pond. Regular application of water treatment will ensure a healthy and clear pond.

Buying of Fingerlings
It is best to acquire or buy good breed of fingerlings from a trusted farm that specializes in supplying and distribution of fish. 

Make some research, because healthy fingerlings with good history and high yield is the best for you to start with, in your farm. 

This is will enable your farm to grow instantaneously within a short period of time, because of the high rate of conversion of feed into food by the fish breed. 

Feeding of Fingerlings
This is the area that consumes 70% of the work, time and as well money. This area determines the growth and health of your fish farming business. So you must invest quality time here, in other to reap the best out of your farm within a short period.

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There are basically two types of fish feed namely extruded or floating feed and non-extruded or sinking feed. Let me explain more on these two types of feed below.
  • ·   Extruded or Floating Feed: As the name implies, it is a floating feed given to fish in their early stage that is to say your fingerlings for duration of six to seven weeks. This is recommended for fingerling at the early stage because they are still very fragile and so you can put the feed gradually to reduce over feeding and avoid pollution. Also endeavor your feed is of good quality and contain the right nutrient for good output.
  • ·   Non-extruded or Sinking Feed: This type of feed are given to the fish when they are about eight weeks old. As the name implies, it is a sinking feed in the sense that it absorbs water and goes down into the pond where the fish now do justice on them. It is best given to grown fish not the fingerlings as it may cause choking and death of the livestock.
Selling of Product
This farming business is market ready because fish product is needed because of its health benefits and richness in Omega 3. Make enquiries on the market value of your product and contact retailers in the market for distribution of your product. 

Remember that the first impression matters a lot in business, so be kind with your newly accustomed customers because of the future.

With all these guides and steps I have marked out and explained in this best I believe I have covered the topic on how to start a lucrative fish farming business. Never forget to give us feedback with the comment box below.


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