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10 Tips To Make Money From Poultry Farming In Nigeria

  Obyke Nonny       Monday, October 14, 2019
In Nigeria, poultry farming remains one of the major sources of protein and this farming business has become a great income generator in the country. In this post, am going to explain 10 tips to make money from poultry farming in Nigeria.

Poultry products like the eggs and meat as we know, remains the major protein source. And the production of egg is a good prospect for young entrepreneurs too.

Like wise, the poultry meat production aspect also holds a lot more opportunities for entrepreneurs as well. Going into this agricultural business either as an importer or local entrepreneur is quite good and risky but there is competition as well. Here the local entrepreneur may have upper hand in the sense that he operates within the country, thereby landing more contracts and supplies though.

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10 Tips To Make Money From Poultry Farming In Nigeria

As there is an unending demand of poultry products in Nigerian, due to the increase in the population, the earnings generated from this products will thus increase too. Thus is because the high demand of poultry products will put pressure on the production which is limited. So any poultry farmer can tap into this unending problem, solve as many as you can and grow your pockets.

There is quite a number of markets for poultry products such as the households, restaurants, bakeries, eatery businesses etc. These markets, requires great demand for egg each year, in other to meet up with their businesses.

10 Tips To Make Money From Poultry Farming:

1. Be Fully Involved In Your Poultry Farming
You must be fully involved in the activities of your poultry farm. For you to become an entrepreneur, you should know that the growth and profit potentials of your farming business is being bestowed upon you and only you can achieve that purpose, before other people takes charge.

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For instance, you should know everything about poultry farming business, by first acquiring the skills and knowledge. Starting your poultry farming business without knowing how it operates, and depending on people to manage it too, is quite risky because it won't grow the business fast.

2. Avoid Temptation To Start Off With Huge Amount Of Flock
If you are a newbie, and you want to achieve great success and make money from this poultry farming business, you must avoid the temptation of entering this farming business with huge amount of flocks.

This is because you may have nit yet gotten any experience on this farming business before and when challenges comes, you then see yourself failing.

3. Understand The Production Cycle Of Layers
Understanding the production cycle of layers is very important, so as to help in the maximizing of profit. Assuming you are into the production of eggs and chicken, you should know that it takes the young hens about 5 to 6 months which is also 20 weeks, to get matured and start laying eggs.

And you should know that the production of eggs by the layers will slowly reduce to at least 50% when they get to the age of about 18 to 24 months.

A single layer of quality breed that is properly fed, managed and treated with the right vaccine is likely to produce nothing less than 300 to 450 eggs in her reproductive life time.

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4. Target Local And Domestic Markets
As we can see the from production cycle above, a poultry farmer should target these local and domestic markets like the kiosk operator, retailers and even housewives because almost, if not all children and families loves eggs in their diet. This will even increase your chance of becoming your area's egg supplier.

To make huge amount of money from your poultry farming business, you should try to exploit you neighbourhood market! This is a marketing strategy am giving you.

5. Sell Your Poultry Products At A Competitive Price
When the value of your poultry products, like the eggs are great and of good quality, then the price of your products will automatically become competitive. This is because customers will love your product and are willing to pay for it.

This is when you need to expand your farm capacity and as well the customer base, because demands becomes increasingly high and you need to meet to it.

6. Consider The Effect Of The Environment On Birds
It is good to take into consideration the environmental effects on your poultry business, your health and neighbourhood. For you to do this, you must make the farm more hygienic.

In other to achieve success and more profits in your farming business, you must try to maintain consistent vaccination of your poultry birds. And also making sure the hygiene practices are followed strictly too.

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7. Selling Of Poultry Excretes As Manure
Do you know that your poultry's excretes is another source of income in the business? This is because poultry excretes are used as manure in vegetative farms and garden for soil nutrients. So this will give you another stream of income from your business.

8. Constant Feed Supply For Birds
The prices of poultry feed is increasing because of its demands too. But you have to feed your birds constantly and adequately. In other to do this effectively you can learn how to formulate your own poultry feed or buy a local feed that will also give the best nutrients and also improve the production of eggs by your birds.

9. Selling Of Farm By-Products
Poultry farming business has by products which are valuable. So you can sell these by products for the values they render and gain profits too. Examples includes;

Feathers – Feather can be used in crafts like hat making, writing and even movies for fashion.

Manure – Like I said earlier above that manure is another source of income from this farming business. You can sell the manure to vegetative farms and gardens centers that need them.

10. Adopt Good Documentation And Management For Timely Harvest
Everything happening in your poultry farm should be well documented in other to have a quality harvest. A detailed documentation of production cycle and management rendered on the farm will determine the output, success and profit of the farm. You should also partner with other farmers to know how to meet the market demands too.

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The Nigerians population is increasing daily, and the unending demand for poultry products is high too. But this demand is not met, because the production is limited in terms of volume. You can grasp the opportunity and try to meet some of the demand too.

The market of poultry product is vast, so the market is quite ready starting from your household, neighborhood, bakeries, Eatries and so on. These markets requires a great amount of egg to meet their business demand as well.

Hope with everything I have discussed in thus post I  was able to give you the 10 Tips To Make Money From Poultry Farming in Nigeria. Do not forget to give us feedback using the comment box below or contact us page. 

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