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Complete Guide on How To Start A Rabbit Farming Business

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Rabbit farming is a good business to embark on, for any farmer looking for a farming business to start. Am going to discuss on the complete guide on how to start a rabbit farming business. So endeavor to read this post to the end.

Firstly, I want to explain what rabbit farming is all about and how this is a good farming business to start. With all said, let us go into what I have to deliver.

What is Rabbit farming?
This is a type of animal husbandry or micro-livestock farming which involves the raising, breeding and keeping of rabbits for meat consumption, skin or fur production, laboratory research, pet etc.

Complete Guide on How To Start A Rabbit Farming Business
Rabbits feeding on grass

Rabbit has its botanical name as, Oryctolagus cuniculus. They are herbivorous animals and also a domestic animal.

Is Rabbit farming a Highly Lucrative business?
Yes!! This farming business has been proved to be a good money generator. How? Many people and farmers, don't have the knowledge on this area of farming.

This is because majority go into the poultry, fish and pigs due to its popularity in the world. Therefore, neglecting this micro-livestock farming, which is also of a high demand, and yet the demand is not met.

The breeding of this micro-livestock animal is vast, a female rabbit known as doe, can give birth to about 2-8 kits under 2 months, this is because, their gestation period is about 31 days. So, let us do some calculation, in a year you will be getting from one doe rabbit about 30-50 kits.

The market value also is good, one fully mature rabbit is about N4,500 to N5,000, depending on the breed. Assuming you sell twenty (20) rabbits in a month, you will be realizing about N80,000-N100,000. You know this may be only from one doe ooh. Then check how much you will be realizing in a year if other females are involved, it would be ranging in millions of naira.

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Advantages of Rabbit Farming
Rabbit farming is a very beneficial farming business to look into. Its benefits are listed below;
  • Rabbits grow rapidly within a short period of time.
  • They are rich in mineral nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • It is a white meat that can be supplemented for chicken.
  • It has low cholesterol, which makes it favorite for patients with high blood pressure and sugar.
  • Their convserion of food into finished product (meat) is relatively high.
  • The management and maintenance of the micro-livestock animal is quite easy. 
  • It doesn't occupy  space compared to other livestock animal.
  • Little or low capital is required to start and run this farming business.

How to start your Rabbit farming business
There are various steps to take in other to start a rabbit farm. Below is a complete guide you must take

Plan and Research on the farming business
Plan on how you want your farming business to be, then make researches on them, by gathering a lot of quality information about the business.

Also get practical knowledge on the farming techniques to be adopted. This can be done by taking up online courses, and meeting farmers running this type business too.

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Farm location
Rabbit farming business does not require much space because they are micro-livestock animals unlike the pig and poultry farming.

So, looking for huge site or farm land to start this business is not necessary, unless you have the capital needed to run the farming business commercially or in large scale.

But for small scale farming, you can start this farming business in your home, in the sense that, they are regarded as pets to some people too. Their waste product is little, and they don't cause pollution to the environment, rather, they serves as manure.

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Choosing and Buying of Breed
Some of the rabbit breeds which are highly popular and productive are;

Alaksa, Dark Gray, Fox, Dutch, Czech Red, Giant Havana, New Zealand White, New Zealand Black(UK), New Zealand Red (Uk), Belgium White and Chinchilla etc.

Complete Guide on How To Start A Rabbit Farming Business
Rabbits in cages

It is highly recommended to purchase your breeds from a well known trusted farm, that deals mainly, on rabbit breeding and distribution.

Also, have in mind that the breed should have a good history of maintenance and vaccination. To enable easy management and maintenance of healthy rabbits, without stress and fear of loosing your capital.

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Rabbit Housing Systems
There are two major types of housing systems that is employed in rabbit farming. They are, the caging housing system and the deep litter system.
  • Deep litter housing system is employed, if you want to rear few rabbits. This system is not that good because, the risk of diseases is high. And also, the management is quite difficult.
  • Cage housing system: This is the best system adopted both in the commercial and small scale farming. In this housing system the rabbits are kept in cages, which are made with wire or iron plate. This can easily be constructed by welders, and the management in this housing system is quite easy too.

This is where 50-70 percent of your attention, time and hard work is required. Like I said before, these animals are herbivores, so they feed on vegetables like carrots, muller, cucumber, seasonal vegetables, green grasses, spinach, basil etc. Fruits like banana, apples, pineapples, strawberries etc.

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Also, concentrates, supplements and poultry feed can be given to your rabbits to attain balanced diet, and also to boost their growth too.

Selling and Marketing
Rabbit is a market ready farming business which generates income. It takes 8 months for your animals to be ready for market, although some farmers do prefer to wait until a year and some months.

Make enquires of the current market value of your product, in other to know how to sell yours. You can decide to supply to restaurants, hotels and mama puts around your areas that needs the product too.

With these information, you can see that this farming business is lucrative, and virtually cost little expenses and capital when compared to other farming businesses like the pig, poultry, goat etc.

Conclusion and Advice
Before going into this business make sure you have enough information on how to sell and market your product. So take your time, create your own Trademark and handle your customers politely.

Don't give up even before you start, because, there is no road to success which is easy. You have to be persistent and keep moving forward.

With the information contained in this post, I believe you can be able to start your own Rabbit Farm, with the complete guide on how to start a rabbit farming Business. Don't forget to give us some feedback with the comment box below. 

Thanks for reading Complete Guide on How To Start A Rabbit Farming Business

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