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How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business (Best Guide)

  Obyke Nonny       Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Grasscutter or Cane rat farming business is a money making machine, you need to have this at the back of your mind. Today, am going to give a detailed information on how to start a Grasscutter farming business (best guide) anywhere both in large and small scale.

What is Grasscutter farming?
This is a type of animal husbandry or micro-livestock farming which involves the raising, breeding and keeping of grasscutter or cane rat solely for meat consumption.

How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business
A male Grasscutter in it's cage

Grasscutter or Cane rat has its botanical name as, Thryonomys swinderianus. They are herbivorous animals and it is one of the largest Africa’s grasslands rodents that can be domesticated.

Is Grasscuter farming a wealth generating farming business?
Yes!! This farming business is a wealth generator. How? This is because the meat is highly demanded by consumers, Hotels, bars etc. But in contrast, its supply is not being met by farmers because, few farmers know little about this business.

Also the breeding of this micro-livestock animal is vast, a female grasscutter can litter about 4-9 grasscutlings under 4-5 months. So in a year you will be having from one female, about 8-20 grasscutling. 1kg of grasscutter is about N2,500, assuming you sell twenty (20) 5kg of weight grasscutter, you will be realizing or getting N250,000, just from one female grasscutter in a year. Also one colony of grasscutter, consisting of one male and four females, is sold for about N60,000-N70,000.

Grasscutters are believed only to be hunted by village hunters in the rural areas. Many people don't know that grasscutters can be groomed, domesticated and reared at the comfort of your home or even in farms. Hunters always embark on hunting, and therefore causing bushing burnings, extinction of bush animals and so on.

Grasscutter is a wide life animal, together with other wide life animals that can also be domesticated, but we haven't gone deep into that field yet.

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Benefits of Grasscutter Farming
Grasscutter farming business is a very beneficial farming business to take part in. Its benefits are listed below.

➤ The meat is incomparable to other meat such as rabbit meat, chicken and so on when it comes to very low cholesterol.

➤ It is a white meat with little to no fat too which makes it good for patients with high blood pressure, obesity, sugar etc.

➤ It is highly rich in minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus when compared to beef, chevon and pork.

➤ The economic return is high too when compared to other farming businesses like goat, sheep and cattle.

➤ It's management and maintenance is quite very easy.

➤ It requires low capital investment to start running this very farming business.

➤ This animal is a delicacy that is why it is highly demanded in bars, hotels and many places, and people do everything possible to taste its delicious meat.

Steps to Adopt in other to start your money machine Grasscutter farming business
There are few steps that are required in other to gain a high success in this area of farming business. They are;

Research about Grasscutter Farming Business
You can never start up any business without making researches and getting quality information. Take your time to meet people who have ideas on this areas of farming business.

Go for practical experience to other farms and acquire more knowledge in regards to this business because practical know how is required here. You also take up classes and courses on this area of farming too.

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Farm location
The location of your grasscutter farming is nothing to worry about because these micro-livestock animals don't generate any offensive smell like the poultry, pig and fish.

There waste product is little and they don't cause pollution to the environment because they are micro-livestocks and occupies small space.

This farming business can be done anywhere, you can start this business in your home. Even a room is good enough to start this business, so no excuses on where to site your farm.

Selection of breed
There are three types of grasscutter breed recently known in Africa. They are the white, brown with white and fully ash or brown colour breeds.

How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business (Best Guide)
Female Grasscutter with it's grasscutlings

The white coloured breed was recently found out, around 2014-2015 but this grasscutter breed is okay.

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The fully ash or brown colour breed are the ones commonly found and accessible to farmers, although these other ones can be found, but they seem to be more costly than the common ash or brown coloured ones.

Don't get your grasscutter breeds by buying from the markets, it is best to get your breeds from a trusted farm, that deals solely on this micro-livestock animal stocking and distribution.

Also have in mind that the breed should have a good history of maintenance and vaccination. This will enable you to easily manage and maintenance your farm, without stress and fear of loosing your breeds.

Grasscutter Housing Systems
The housing system of grasscutter is called a pen, and there are three major types of housing systems that can be adopted, in grasscutter farming business. They are, the iron housing system, Standing concrete housing system and the ground concrete pens.

Any of the three systems is good, but iron housing systems are the best because it makes the management of your animals easier. But it is more costly than the other two types of pens.

This section is what fully determines the success of your grasscutter farming business. This is where 70 percent of your attention, time and hard work in the farming business is required.

Like I said earlier, grasscutter is a herbivorous animal, so they feed on grasses like elephant grass,  guinea grass, maize cubs etc. Also I want you to know that concentrates and supplements can be given to your grasscutters to enable them attain balanced diet, and also to speed up their growth too.

Am going to talk more on all the feed for grasscutter on another post.

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Selling and marketing
Grasscutter is a market ready farming business, which generates a lot of income. It takes one and half (1/2 years for your animals to be ready for market although some farmers prefer to wait until the stock is scarce.

Make enquires of the current market value, for the grasscutter and know how much to sell yours. Like I said earlier, that 1kg is sold for N2,500. So you can decide to sell one by one, or become a stocker.

What do I mean by being a stocker?  These are farmers who sell grasscutter in colonies. One colony like I said earlier, is sold from the range of 60 to 70 thousand naira, depending on the market value.

You can also decide to supply to the restaurants, hotels and mama puts around your areas too. Remember not to sell all your fully mature grasscutters so as to still have ones for breeding.

So as you can see, grasscutter farming business is very lucrative and virtually cost little expenses and capital, when compared to other farming businesses, like the pig, poultry, goat and so on.

Conclusion and Advice
Don't ever try any short cut in starting your own grasscutter farming business, like most people may tell you to do. There is no shortcut to wealth, it requires patience and determination.

Create your own Trademark, by treating and appreciating your customers for acquiring the products from you.

Take your time in this farming business, and remember to always have your product ready for the market at all times. Don't give up, even before you start because, there is no road to success that is quite easy.

I believe with all these information well detailed in this post, I have quenched your hunger and thirst on how to start a Grasscutter farming business (best guide). Remember, to share and give us feedback with the comment box below.


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