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Prospects and Challenges of Rabbit Production in Nigeria

  Obyke Nonny       Saturday, October 12, 2019
Rabbit production in Nigeria is constantly changing throughout the years, from small scale production to commercial production. There are many prospects and challenges of rabbit production in Nigeria. This will be discussed in this post. So endeavor to read to the very end.

I want you to know that taking Rabbits as a livestock farming business, is quite much easier than most other livestock animals. This is because, it doesn't require much land space or infrastructure to manage the production.

Prospects and Challenges of Rabbit Production in Nigeria
Rabbits feeding and playing in their pen

There are different breeds of Rabbits which are commercially produced anywhere. There are also many reasons for rearing rabbits, such as for meat, breeding, experimental purposes and so on. Let me throw more light on the reasons for rabbit production.

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Prospects and Challenges of Rabbit Production in Nigeria

1. Production for Meat
If the intent of your rabbit farming is for production of meat, you should endeavor that all the needed facilities to carry out this programme are readily available, starting from the slaughtering straight to the consumers. For example, the supply of meat to Restaurants and stores.

2. For Experimental Purposes
Another reason for rabbit farming for wealth generation is its use in the laboratories and hospitals. But many rabbit farmers cannot solve the problem of producing rabbits for these experimental purposes. This is so because a farmer must have the license to produce these livestock animals for the Laboratory, Hospitals and also higher institutions.

The major difference between production for Laboratory purposes with other rabbit production is because they are being monitored to meet the hygienic conditions.

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3. For Breeding Purposes
Most people love to enter into rabbit production for breeding stock. Here the rabbits are bred to meet a quality standard such as, the health, size and so on. This is because they can be used for advertising purposes or show too.

Prospects of Rabbit Production in Nigeria:

1. Food Sufficiency
To meet the unending demand for food sufficiency in Nigeria, farmers need to create another approach to reach and contain the demand. And rabbit production is a sure way to reduce the insufficiency of food.

This has been one of the major sources of quality food because of its health benefits. Production of Rabbits in commercial scale will thus provide enough food, create job opportunities and also increase generation of income.

2. Essential Nutrients for the Body
Meat of rabbits are highly nutritional. The nutritional components in rabbit meats are calcium, vitamins, energy, protein etc. And most livestock animals do not possess these amount nutritional values for the body.

Like I said earlier above, that rabbit is a quality meat because of many health benefits such as low amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium unlike any other livestock animals. This makes it essential for sick patients like high blood pressure, diabetic and obesity patients. Also there is no taboo referred towards the consumption of this meat.

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3. Reduction of Unemployment
Many people have embarked on the journey of rabbit production because it requires minimum effort to start. Apart from being a source of food production, it is also a good source of income for rabbit farmer in Nigeria. This helps to reduce unemployment rate as well by creating employment opportunities.

Problems Associated with the Production of Rabbits in Nigeria:

1. Lack of Quality Information
Livestock farmers into rabbit produce always face some challenges like the lack of quality information on the technical know how of the production of rabbits.

This is one of the major challenges in the production of rabbits. Like a quote that says "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER", what I mean is that because of the limited access to quality information on rabbit production, ther is no future prospects in the business and thereby it withers.

2. Lack of Access to Specified Breeding Stock
Another challenge for rabbit production is making the right choice of buying the best quality breed species. It is best to acquire your breeding stock from a well known licensed breeding centres.

Buying of breeding stock from rabbit production farmers that is not known may in a way influence the inbreeding production.

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3. Disease Outbreak and Lack of Quality Feeding
Another challenge in this sector is the sudden outbreak of diseases and death of the livestock animals.
Also lack of quality feeding can lead to inconsistency and deficiency of the production of these livestock animals.

4. Lack of Access to Modern Technology
This is another problem limiting the increase of rabbit production in Nigeria. With the use of modern technology and marketing strategies, production will definitely increase. But due to the lack to afford these technologies, the rabbit production has always been where it is now.

Conclusion and Suggestion
Production of rabbits, consistently in Nigeria can contribute to food sufficiency, reduce unemployment and create job opportunities.

The best way to encourage Nigerians and farmers into this livestock production business is by letting them know the importance, future prospects and the benefits it renders too.

The government and interested private based Cooperations should also develop programmes to assist and grow the services of rabbit production in Nigeria.

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There is need for provision on modern technology in this aspect of livestock production. This is so, because of the constant change in agriculture, therefore it is necessary to adapt to the change. Because these modern facilities will improve the attractiveness and production of the rabbits by Nigerian farmers.

Quality Information and technical know how in the production of rabbit is very important, as it will sky rocket the development of this farming sector into greater heights, both for the farmers and the consumers.

If all these facts listed and explained in this post are being achieved both by the farmers and the government, definitely productivity will increase and thus the market will also expand therefore promoting growth of this sector in Nigeria.

With all the information provided within this post I believe I have given everything I know regarding the topic on prospects and challenges of rabbit production in Nigeria. Remember to give us feedback using the comment box below or contact us page.


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