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How To Manage Odours On A Pig Farm

  Obyke Nonny       Monday, October 28, 2019
Welcome to Livestockspot, am going to discuss on How to manage odours on a pig farm. So endeavor to read this post to the very end, in other to fully understand what am going to share here.

There is one major challenge involved in the rearing of pigs in countries like Nigeria, Philippines, China and other parts of the world. This is the offensive odours that can be generated from pig farm.

How To Manage Odour On A Pig Farm

There are several questions asked on how to control the odour which are, where is the odour generated from? To what level has the odour amounted to? How much will it take to control the odour?

Like I said earlier, this post will give a detailed information on effective ways by which odour from a pig farm can be managed properly.

How To Manage Odours on a Pig Farm

1. Good Farm location

For a good odour management, the area where your pig farm is located matters. Why I said farm location matters is because your production facilities solely depends again on your farm location. You should take into consideration the distance of your pig farm from residential areas and waste disposals.

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Before the pig farm is sited, it is required for the livestock farmer to first do a proper survey on the direction to which winds thrive within the area and during different times of the year. This is because the geographic area seriously affects the intensity to which the odour circulates.

For example, assuming your terrain is sited on a valley, that means, as the wind subsides, the odour will flow down the valley and the air becomes offensive. So it is advised to best choose a good terrain for your pig farming business in other to manage offensive odours from pig farms.

2. Proper Handling of Faeces (Manure)

It is best to use a process called injection method to handle and properly clean the manure or dung of pigs. An injection method is simply the use of suction machine to discharge or remove dungs of pigs (faeces) from sewage tanks. This will minimize odour to about 52 to 60% when compared to spreading the same dungs.

3. Manipulating Your Pig's Feed or Diet

There is another cheap method which can help you reduce the odour of your pig farm to about 20%. Thus can be achieved by just changing or tweaking your pig's diet. You can decide to reduce the amount of crude protein which is rich in amino acid.

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4. Ventilation of the Pit

Another way to reduce the odour generated on a pig farm, it is recommended that the dung sewage or pit should be highly ventilated. Like almost the entire odour from a pig farm is from the dung pit. If the dung pits are properly ventilated, the dungs will become more volatile thus dissipating offensive odour mildly.

5. Use of Biofilters

There is a modern odour curbing technology known as biofilter, which can be used to reduce offensive odours from pig farm, to about 60 to 75% by simply drawing air through the biofilter bed. This machine is very effective in it's work but you need to manage the moisture content properly. Ensure that during the installation of your own biofilter machine, that it is quite compatible with the ventilation system of your pig farm.

6. Vegetative Environmental Buffers

This is another natural technique of reducing offensive odour. This is simply called afforestation but here, you are required to plant trees and other vegetative plants around your pig farm. This will thus increase the circulation of good air (oxygen) and reduce offensive odours. This doesn't require or cost much so just plant trees.

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7. Good General Management

Proper waste management, daily cleaning of pig's pen with disinfectants and effective sewage disposal, if done well on your pig farm, will guarantee a reduction on the offensive odour incurred in your piggery.

I believe with everything I have discussed on this post, about how to manage odours on a pig farm will help pig farmers to proper manage theirs too. Remember to give us feedback with the comment box below. 

Thanks for reading How To Manage Odours On A Pig Farm

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