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Challenges And Prospects Of Poultry Production In Nigeria

  Obyke Nonny       Sunday, October 27, 2019
Welcome to Livestockspot, am going to discuss in this post the challenges and prospects of poultry production in Nigeria. Products from poultry has immensely increased for the past decade because it has served human beings in a lot of useful ways.

For example, poultry production in Nigeria is one of the main food sector for the provision of nutrients to its citizens. For years, poultry production has been contributing to the economic growth of the nation by being a source of protein through its meat and eggs.

Challenges And Prospects Of Poultry Production In Nigeria

In Nigeria, poultry production is both for purpose of subsistence and industrial functions. Reports shows that poultry production has grown to a level that it now contributes to the major percent of agricultural merchandise to the nation’s economy. For instance, Nigeria is the leading nation in the whole African continent for the production of eggs and also in the production of broiler chicken.

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Poultry production has gained a lot of ground in Nigeria because its products plays a major role in the provision of quality protein for consumption through the meat and eggs.

Also, poultry farming business has provided job opportunities for Nigerians. The integration of modern technology by poultry farmers in Nigeria has assisted in the increase and development of the poultry business. Some of the modern technologies are hatcheries, feed mill and so on which has helped to stop importation of poultry products and thus, encouraging local poultry production.

There are certain challenges attributed towards poultry production in Nigeria. Therefore, in other to meet with the high level of poultry products demand, there are necessary measures to be taken to encourage the commercial poultry production. This in a way, will meet the demand of Nigerians and increase exportation as well.

What is poultry farming or production?
Poultry farming or production is simply the keeping, rearing and raising of all kinds of domestic birds. Examples: Chicken (the most popular), Turkey, Duck etc.

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Prospects of poultry production in Nigeria

1. Food supply

Over the years, poultry farm products has thoroughly impacted and served as a source of food to citizens of Nigeria. For instance, the meat and eggs gotten from poultry livestock animals has been a good and rich source of protein and nutrients for humans.

Like we all know, all poultry products are delicacies no matter the method we use to prepare or cook them. For example, a poultry product of chicken which can either be the egg or meat can be processed in form of chicken chips, egg salad etc.

2. Industrial supply

Products gotten from the poultry can be channelled and used for industrial purposes such as medical and health purposes. For example, poultry products such as eggs can be used for the production of vaccines, it can be used to produce fertilizers for crops, soil nutrition and also be used as feed for some other livestock animals like fish, snails etc.

Modern technology has advanced that poultry products such as egg white can be used in factories for dyeing of clothes, for binding of books and also in production of printing inks. While the egg yolk can be used in factories for production of soap, shampoos etc. Even the feathers gotten from poultry products are used in production of mattresses, pillows and comforter also known as duvet.

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3. Income generation

Many Nigerians have embarked into Poultry farming business as a means to generate income. Nowadays, most youths and retired workers have found out that livestock farming business especially poultry can earn them income by just raising and selling of poultry products.

There is no need to wait for huge capital to start running your own poultry farming business, rather with little stock and space, technical knowledge and quality modern technology will help facilitate and encourage commercial poultry production.

4. Job opportunities

Poultry production in Nigeria has gone a long way in the creation of job opportunities for the citizens. For example, most people have embarked on marketing only poultry products like egg and most embark in the keeping and caring for the livestock animals. In any way, it is found out that poultry production has provided job opportunities for the Nigeria citizens and it is still creating more.

Challenges of poultry production in Nigeria

1. Diseases and death of birds

There are so many reasons why demand of poultry products are not being met in Nigeria. This is because of challenges the farmers do face. It is because of these challenges that productivity of poultry products in Nigeria is low.

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Most Nigerian poultry farmers have given up and discouraged based on the frequent loss of poultry birds recorded nowadays. This can be caused by incurable poultry bird diseases which can wipe out the entire farm. Because of this challenge, many farmers will sell their poultry products at a cheaper rate and not making profits.

2. Lack of funds

In Nigeria, it is difficult to collect loans especially from commercial banks. This is another challenge which poultry farmers do face. Because of this inadequate fund supply, it is difficult for the poultry farmers to meet up the needs of their birds and thus there is a decrease of poultry production in Nigeria.

3. Inadequate supply of protein for consumption

Poultry products is the most popular and major protein source for consumption in Nigeria, but the supply of these product is low and the demand cannot be met. This is basically because of the high cost of animal feeds and lack of technical knowledge by the poultry farmers.

This is among the challenges facing poultry production in Nigeria. This has hindered the success rate of most poultry production and has led to the insufficient supply of poultry products.

Conclusions and Suggestions

With the challenges discussed above, it is best for Nigerians and the government to address this issue properly for poultry production to thrive successfully in this nation. Also the management sector's problem should be faced and authorities need to find possible solutions to enhance productivity of poultry products in Nigeria.

Also to improve productivity and source of protein through poultry products within Nigeria, there is need for farmers to practice safety measures in the prevention and control of poultry bird diseases.

Also, the modern technologies should be implemented quickly in other to ensure maximum productivity which will in turn, make small scale farmers to advance to the level of commercial poultry production in Nigeria. And these modern facilities like hatcheries, feed mills etc should be massive in the sense that the full poultry production can be done locally in Nigeria.

For Nigeria to overcome these limitations and challenges in poultry production, every individual in authority like the government, parties etc should intervene and make necessary facilities and orders with regards to the improvement of poultry production in this country.

Infrastructures such as good roads, water supply, electricity can boost not only the poultry sector, but other aspects of agriculture in Nigeria if the government decides to look into it. These infrastructure will help to transport poultry products to the markets and electricity for the hatcheries because they need it to run the incubators and so on.

I believe that with all the detailed information I have discussed on this very post, I was able to point out the challenges and prospects of poultry production in Nigeria. Remember to give us feedback with the comment box below.

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